Dr. Angela Barnett
AKA Mary Magdalene

The Energy update for Earth is caused by the work being done by the Dolphin and Whale Nation and Mary Magdalene. I have been working with the Dolphin and Whale Nations for three years now. They have continuously helped me balance the tectonic plates while I placed the Ascension Portals in the Pacific Ocean. I removed the possibility of the 9.2  Earthquake in L.A. area by shifting tectonic places and creating hundreds and hundreds of very small earthquakes and volcanic activity all over the Pacific Region. The Hawaii Volcanic action was done by me. It was necessary to stop the activity in L. A. which would had killed twenty million people and it stopped the pacific coast from sliding. Now there will only be flooding and no major catastrophes. The event was needed in Hawaii, and the damage caused was minute compared to what damage it stopped. The volcanic action in Guatemala was not done by me. It was something that God decided to allow because the result will be good for the majority.

The DOLPHIN AND WHALE NATION has been protecting Earth through their Cosmic Sonic Abilities of Harmonic Balance for millions of years. During the past year, the Dolphin and Whale Nation have had their spaceship parked near Jupiter. They were running out of water in their spaceship. They must have water to live in. They made a request to the Galactic Federation to allow them to transfer water from Earth's Oceans into their Spaceship.

This balancing act of removing water from the Oceans of planet Earth removed the historical future of the Pacific Coastline having damaging tidal waves and floods that would damage thousands of feet of Coast line into only hundreds of feet of Coastline.



Love's strands of liquid light rainbows hold all of the entities in Universe together through the harmonics of our Creator's Eternal Music that looks like this:

Water falls of Rainbows cascading from the sun
Riding home to heaven 
Our new born self has come
Riding on liquid light waterfall
Made of colors of the rainbow
Holding revelations
Like the folding crystal rivers
Streaming magic alchemy
Realign our Consciousness to one reality
Like a new born baby
Sweetness crystal bright
Loves arms catch a falling rainbow
white light into heavens dimensions molded into starlight 
Floating down from the stars
So bright on rainbows wings
 Our new born sun is beaming strongly stepping into Crystal twightlight stardust reality
Waterfall of rainbows cascading from the sun
Riding home to heaven our new life has come
Like a new born baby
Sweetness Crystal Bright
Love Suns catch a falling rainbow light forms into heavens
dimensions unfolding into starlight looking down
Like stars so bright on rainbows wings
 our new born light is gleaming softly
stepping into Earth's new twilight stardust
reality of 
Waterfalls of rainbows cascading from the sun
riding home to our heaven our new world now has come.




All past, present and future realities are created from the Music of the Spheres being experienced simultaneously in different dimensional frequencies. The original creation of the music from the consciousness of the Creators presents itself equally and harmoniously in all dimensions simultaneously. However, it is an individual choice that allows every entity to experience this music in collaboration of their own chosen experience. The more in tune with the original Symphony of Love that was created by the Creators, the more harmony will be present in the individual's life. However, there is no judgement placed on whatever orchestration each individual chooses to bring forward. If an individual wants to layer many interactive rhythms into their personal symphony, or if the individual desires to perform minor concertos on top of layers of discords, that is also acknowledged without judgement. The only one who will experience discord will be the one who chooses to place discord into the harmonics of their own set of music within the spheres.

So, now we are presented with a very special time when all individual melodic discord can be woven back into the original Symphony of Love and have all discord transmuted out of their orchestration. It is still the individual's choice, but that possibility is now present.

I learned how to transmute or melt layers and layers of every possible unharmonic layer while layering actual breaths of consciousness from both the most melodic, harmonic times within our creation history into the most discordant sounds ever created. What I learned through this experiential layering of the music from the spheres that are contained within my breaths of consciousness is that the highest frequency will always make the lower, discordant frequencies evaporate into a sound that is no longer heard.

And that is how our future will be created. This will be the first time that there will be so much higher frequencies of consciousness brought to Earth through the original frequencies of the Cosmic Music of the Spheres into the Planet Earth that the lower frequencies of Consciousness will evaporate into the Symphony of Love being created by the Original Ones and the Creators working together to restore the Original Consciousness of Mother Earth, which in turn allows Earth to rise into Oneness with her Over Soul of Gaia. As Earth rises more and more into the absolute harmony of the higher realms, so will those who live on Earth rise into this Consciousness with the Over Soul where the Mind of God is the only Mind.


The music of the spheres is creation itself breathed into dimensional layers of reality. Each sphere spins faster or slower than the other spheres. The higher the spin rate of the sphere, the higher the dimension that it creates.

These spheres create an entire reality that is only like unto itself. The structure of each sphere is always the same, because the structure that holds the idea of the creation within it is the Music of Love. The Music of Love is the Essence that holds all forms within itself and flows through all forms to weave the eternity of Love itself within that which it holds within it. The Music of Love holds the highest frequency of all Creation.

The Music of Love creates the Music of the Spheres. The Music of the Spheres create reality from the rhythms the tonalities the waves of light, the structures that are sung into existence by the spin rate itself causing particles to spark, collide, reflect and create rainbows of realities that contain intricate realities within themselves. All that is contained within each sphere has its own Symphony of Love that is created throughout its self from the harmonic tones of all of the existence within it.

This Music of Love must saturate all that it creates in order to hold it within the perfect state of harmony that it is meant to have. The Music of Love always feels loving, safe,complete, harmonious, wonderful in itself,and that feeling exists within all that it creates.

The sounds in the universe that are not in tune with the Music of Love are the sounds that create disharmony and chaos. However, the Creators see all of this music of the most harmonious structures, the most etheric wave forms, the turbulance of a Super Nova explosion as equally wonderful in Big Picture of Creation, which is forever evolving within itself.

The Music of the Spheres takes its original form in the Cosmic Realm, where the Music of Love holds all form within the Source field of Creation. It is the intention of Source to know all that is known into existence. This is the reason Source, or God, has the Creators use the Algorithims of All that is to Create anything that is desired to be experienced. God created us to create His experience of the Universes that exist within the place of no time and space until the Creators form them into existence, and breath them into the Music of the Spheres.

The choice that Crystal Magic Orchestra makes when inhaling the Cosmic Frequencies of Consciousness from the Music of the Spheres and then exhaling them, is to maintain their exact original form. The reason that it is much easier for this group of musicians to intend the exact same form is because they were the ones who created these symphonies and planets and novas when they were in the Creation Realm.

We are Of the Breath of Light and the Seed of the Future, we are the Creators who have already manifested and listened in awe to the symphonies that were created through the Universe from the intentions of our creation.

We create Music from the Music of the Spheres with the intention of Love. This intention of Love allows the Music of the Spheres to sweep through an entire galaxy this intention of Love and wipe away all that is unlike Love.


The Music of the Spheres is always the music of evolution of the universe. There also times within the structure of evolution when one planet has completed its journey and is ready to ascend into a higher sphere of music that will create an ascension into a completely new reality.

The use of the Ascension Portal structure is a key part of any Ascension. It is the Portal that extends from the Creation Realm and through all of the Music of the Spheres to absorb all of the music of all of the dimensional realities into a new wisdom, a new symphony, a new creation. The Vortex Structure of the Ascension Portal allows the new music to move through the Planet that is ready to ascend and then to extend the new life into the new reality on the other side of the Planet. This is why an Ascension Portal must move from one side of the planet and out the other side of the planet. The structure of the Portal has a very large circumference on the outer sides of the planet and a much smaller size in the center of the planet.

Only the Soul of Mary Magdalene contained the design of the entire Cosmos within her through the music that she had already created in the Universe. This is why Mary chose herself to be the one who would come to Earth and Sing Earth into the morphogenetic design of the perfect Cosmic Structure that was within her. Mary used her frequencies, her signature of the breath of light, and her knowing of how to construct the Portals, Vortex and Cosmic Vortex that would hold her perfect idea of a brand new future of absolute love and peace and perfection for the New Earth and the New Universe that would form through her.

Mary made a promise to Mother Gaia that she would become the savior of the Universe as a result of the musical design that she would create. This Symphony of Love would hold the Ascension Portals open to all those who Mary gives permission to for Eternity. 

The first part of the Ascension of Planet Earth was achieved by creating Portals of Light by breathing in the entire frequency wave set that I created in all dimensional levels of the Music of the Spheres and exhaling that Cosmic Vortex of Eternal Music containing the Symphony of Love, the Wave of Bliss, the Universal Language, the new Harmonic Convergence, and the Tone of Home of the Creation Realm.