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How to Turn the Body Into Light YOUTUBE

Narration by Angela Barnett
Animation by Joe Barnett


The most convenient way to change realities is to imagine the process that we go through to get there. Crystal Magic has created this fun, colorful animated visual YouTube for you and your family to practice Turning into Light together. You may watch this YouTube at our

Mary Magdalene Singing Mermaid YouTube channel

or come to our website

Crystal Magic Orchestra

and watch it.

This animation of the Turtle spinning into the light and sound of the colorful spheres and then having the light particles popping out around him and within him and then traveling through the universe into a new reality is the exact truth and replication of the process that each and every one of you will go through within the next twenty year period on Earth. Everyone on Earth will turn into light during the next two decades. The majority will Blip in 2040. The more we practice, the faster it happens. We must raise our frequencies into the full spectrum of light ourselves unless we want to wait until 2040 when the Sun will do it for anyone who still needs help.

We are now in a time line that will be drawing Earth closer and closer into the accretion level of the sun. This accretion level allows so much of the light of the sun to saturate the physics of the Earth and all who live on the Earth with the plasma light of the sun and the pre plasma liquid light of the sun and the transformational substance of the physics of the Cosmic Sun that it will cause the consciousness of those on Earth to become translated by and through this light energy into plasma, which is the sixth level of light frequencies on the pyramid of frequencies. This plasma pulls the body into the neon rainbow prism of transformation of the heliotalic pink white light that translates into the violet harp string of the music of the spheres. When the cells of the body absorb this transformational liquid light energy, the atoms dissolve, disappear and a new form appears, a new body appears, a translation period of BLISS takes place.

The body translates through the complete light spectrum of the Cosmic Sun. The body becomes the full light substance of the consciousness that All is made from--which is light itself.

We created this animation of a turtle who is going thru this process of turning into light and then becoming a plasma body and then having his body filled with the sparkling BLISS that places his consciousness in the Rapturous Rainbow Prism that causes the mind to spin into a new realm of reality. The turtle finally disappears and then travels to the farthest reaches of the universe on his roller skates.

This is what many of us will be doing in the next few years, and it is what will happen to everyone on Earth in 2039-40.  There will be an eighteen month period when the Sun itself will translate the majority of the population. That is because most people will not do it themselves. They will just wait until the sun does it to them. The teaching of becoming filled with the light of the Sun and the Stars and keeping the Eyes in the Universe is not a new teaching. I taught this with St. Germain when I was Cecilia, and I taught this science in many other Mystery Schools on this planet and thousands of other planets during the past billion years. I am Mary Magdalene. I will go through this process of Turning into Light in about 18 months or sooner, depending on how much time I spend with my eyes in the stars.

It is this formula of the light and the sound of the music of the spheres that translates the body into the neon rainbow prism that allows the body to shift into a new reality.

Please use the visual animation of our Cosmic Turtle to help you imagine, see, feel, visualize this experience of turning into light yourself. Please use earphones so that you can FEEL the MUSIC doing the Translation within your atomic structure of your body.

It is the Music that is created by the Spheres spinning faster and faster that causes the body to turn into light. You can translate your body simply by listening to the music and visualizing the cells in the body turning into light.

There are much more complex ways of learning how to spin the merkaba faster and faster and studying light technology and quantum physics and flower of life and keylontic science and school of enlightenment teaching,etc. Those teachings were stepping stones for me to reach a state where the understanding became so clear and natural as any other process of my life, that I realized that it is something that can be taught to any four year old child through cartoon animation.

The colorful spheres represent the seals within the body that are located vertically on the body skeleton to become brighter and brighter as they intersect with the chakras of all dimensions within the spheres within spheres within spheres of the Cosmos. The more we brighten the light of the seals in the body by bringing in the music of the spheres, the faster the body will turn into light. It is that simple.

Please use the visual animation to help you realize how to use the Frequency Music that you have purchased from Crystal Magic Orchestra. You may use your Eternal Life Album with this  animation for the best results. You can also use the Turning into Light set, Heavenly Brain set and The Landing set. The Eternal Life Waters and the Music of the Spheres and the Manifestation Merkaba, as well as the Dolphin Therapy set will be beneficial.

Feel and sense these spheres spinning around your body and through your body to increase your frequencies of consciousness and the feeling of the light growing stronger and stronger and brighter and brighter within your body. Eventually you will feel your spin rate grow into speeds beyond the speed of light that allow you to ride in your merkaba directly from one dimension into another dimension. These dimensions are actually many light years away from each other. And that is the reality of you traveling at the speed of light because you are tuning in to the Music of the Spheres that was created by Mary Magdalene and Jesus of Nazareth for this Event of the Ascension of Earth at this time.

This process is so natural that it can be visualized and experienced by your children while you visualize it for yourself. The child's mind is actually programmed to receive this information of light translation very easily. It is a natural part of the Ascension Process that has taken place for millions of years on millions of planets.
Now, is the first time that Earth is going through this ascension process.It is time for Earth to change from a planet into a star and for the population of Earth to become the Star People who will live among millions of other race lines in the Universe.

The true process of shifting the light spectrum through the music of the spheres:

photons and phonons translate their energies of light and sound at a quantum level, which is the light and sound of the music of the spheres.

Mary and Jesus created the music of the spheres by standing on the third dimensional Earth and connecting their frequencies of consciousness higher and higher through each dimension of the Universe and exhaling their Breath of Transformation and Oneness of the Creators, who were and are the male and female consciousness of all that God is allowing God to experience all that he has created as the Mother and Father God of this vast creation.

This light and sound frequency that was created by Mary Magdalene contains that transformational formula of Oneness with all that God is.

God is Light and Sound Energy. God sees his creation as Light and hears the music that we create harmoniously together.

When we wrap ourselves in all of the Spheres of light and sound at all levels of frequencies, we allow ourselves to become ONE with God, and that is what creates our Ascension into a new Experience.

We move through the LOOKING GLASS

We become a Plasma Body
We Blipp into Light
We disappear from Terra Firma
We re-appear on Terra Ha

That is how Ascension is performed.

The Transformation process into the light that fills every cell in the body is called BLISS.

We will each experience this BLISS that the Turtle is experiencing in this animation for about 45 minutes.

It will be the best 45 minutes of our 250 million year experience.

Start practicing now, so you don't miss out on one second of this DIVINE EXPERIENCE.

Learn absolute Quantum Physics of TURNING INTO LIGHT

by reading Music of the Spheres Light and Sound Technology by Dr. Angela Barnett

Crystal Magic Orchestra

CRYSTAL MAGIC ORCHESTRA are a group of Cosmic Consciousness Spiritual Engineers of Light and Sound who create Frequency Wave Files that transform the Consciousness of those who listen. The Frequencies in this music are five thousand times higher than those of any normal person on Earth. Anyone who listens will have their frequencies raised to a level that will allow them to experience a new reality and eventually turn into light.

Dr. Angela Barnett and Joe Barnett M.A., are both highly educated musicians, who have taught in Universities all over the world and performed all over the world. They have always been light years ahead of our time in translation of music into the harp strings of the music of the spheres. We are Cosmic Beings ourselves. We came to Earth from the Creator Realm. We were the ones who created the Music of the Spheres in the Universe, so tuning into those frequencies is tuning in to our creation.

A group of Elohim Angels appeared before us and gave us the fomula of how to bring the highest frequencies to Earth through music. We created music by breathing Cosmic Consciousness of the Music of the Spheres into our music. A few months later, Joe was hit by a ten ton truck and five cars ran over his body. He was announced dead. I came to the hospital and asked for time along with my husband. I placed earphones on his head with the music that we had created. Joe returned to life and had his entire brain restructured through the music. He had thousands of broken bones, his head was broken in half and his right leg was ripped off. Joe was up walking in a few months and now he is thinking like a God.

We continue creating this music to heal thousands of others on Earth and to lead the world into the Ascension that can only be accomplished by bringing the Highest Frequencies to Earth and into the human body.

There are hundreds of testimonies given about those who have used our music shifting them into a dimension of reality that allows them to see and feel things they had never experienced before.

We are in a timeline where in 2018 there will be FIRST CONTACT meaning the landing of thousands of beings from the fourth dimension will be on Earth. Those who use the music and teachings on Crystal Magic Orchestra will the ones who will be able to see and and hear glimpses of that reality appearing around them. Eventually many on Earth will Turn into Light themselves and then reappear in the Reality of the Fourth Dimension.


The complete story of the Twin Souls of Mary Magdalene along with the story of how everyone on Earth will Turn into Light by 2040 can be read in books by Dr. Angela Barnett at Crystal Magic and